Exposure To Radiations

Children’s Brain Tumour

(Risk Factors)

Risk factor is defined as anything that impacts strongly the possibilities of getting a disease such as brain tumour. Every type of cancer carries a different type of risk factor.

Some of the risk factors are also caused due to the lifestyles like the diet routines, weight and specially use of tobacco plays a vital role in cases of adult cancers. These all factors take many years in generation of cancer cells, and they are not supposed to be the actual risk factor for occurrence of cancer in children, including brain tumour as well.

There are very few risk factors which are found to be specifically for the production of brain tumours in children.  No clear cause is found to produce brain tumours.

 Exposure To Radiations

Exposure to radiations directly on the head for the purpose of treating any other disease is the only well-recognized risk factor for the production of brain tumours.

For example, about 50 years ago when the risk factor of radiations was not knows, the children with a fungal infection in their head were treated with a low-dose of radiations, this therapy was later found to be the reason for production of brain tumours in children as they gradually got older.

Tumours due to radiations are still found rarely, but due to the increasing risk factors and many other side effects, this therapy of radiations is only given to head after proper investigation of possible benefits and risks. Generally, for the patients suffering from cancer near or inside the brain, are treated with help of radiation therapy and there are less chances for brain tumour production in such cases.

  • Inherited Brain Tumours

Genetic or inherited brain tumours are rarely found in children, less than 5% of the children are found to have an inherited brain tumour. In 5% of the cases, the children have an abnormal genes from any of their parent which puts them at an increased factor of getting into any type of brain tumour. If the tumour is not inherited, it might occur due to the mutations in genes before birth. Children facing inherited tumours may have tumour syndromes which are generated at an early age.

  • Excessive Use Of Cellphones

Excessive use of cellphones may also result in the occurrence of brain tumour. The reason behind this is that cell phones produce harmful radiofrequency waves, another form of electromagnetic waves. Generally, cell phones do not produce ionizing radiations, the type which can result in tumour formation by damaging the DNA inside cells. But, if the phones having a built in antenna are used while keeping them near to the head can probably the brain tumours.

But, there are some studies which have suggested the risk factor of brain tumours especially in adults by excessive use of cellphones, but most of the studies have not supported this idea so far. These risk factors are being investigated but it may take many years to conclude any final results, the concerned people about knowing risk factors should decrease the exposures of cellphones near the head as much as possible.

Prevention is better than cure. These all risk factors are collected by the researchers in order to aware the people to prevent themselves from any deadly disease.



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