Recent Researches About Brain Tumour

Children’s Brain Tumours

Brain tumour happens when there is formation of abnormal cells inside or within the brain. Brain tumours are generally categorized into two forms: the one is malignant or cancerous tumour and the other is benign tumour. These cancerous tumours are further subdivided into primary tumours which begins within the brain and the other are secondary tumours which have began from some other source, known commonly as brain metastasis tumours. There are various systems produced due to brain tumours which varies with the part of brain involved in tumour. Some of the common symptoms are :

  • A person suffering with tumours undergoes severe headache which goes after vomits.
  • Brain tumours may effect the walking of patient and they might suffer some issues in walking.
  • Speaking is also affected due to this deadly disease.
  • Sensations are also generated during this disease.
  • The disease can result in unconsciousness if it’s increasing progressively.

Recent Researches About Brain Tumour

According to researchers, in United States there are almost 2,000 children and youngsters below 20 years which are suffering from malignant brain tumours each and every year. More rates on this incident were recorded during the years 1985-1994 and later from  year 1975 to year 1983. Debates were held in order to find out the actual reason behind this, one extraction from these debates was that this increase is recorded due to the improvements in diagnostic and reporting systems because this high record was recorded just after the availability of MRIs which might be the reason for higher rate of diagnosis for this disease.

The survival rate in children for central nervous system cancer is approximately 60 percent. This rate may varies with the type of cancer the patient is suffering from and the age from which the disease has started, high mortality is found is younger children.

70% of children having an age below 2 years, are suffering from medulloblastomas, ependymomas and low-grade gliomas brain tumours. Teratomas and atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumours are found mostly in infants and are less common. Only 3% of primary brain tumours or teratomas are generated due to germ cell tumours, but there is a variation in worldwide happenings.

In United Kingdoms, an average of 429 children are diagnosed with a brain tumours having an age below 14, and over 563 children as well as adults aging below 19 are diagnosed every year.


Treatments For Brain Tumour

The treatment for brain tumours may include a cycle or combination of surgeries, therapies and chemotherapy. For the prevention of seizures Anticonvulsant medication may be required. If the purpose is to decrease swelling around tumour then Dexamethasone and Furosemide are utilized. There are also some tumours which grow with time gradually, the requirement for such tumours is only monitoring and no further intervention. Studies are also being done to treat the disease with help of person’s immune system.


The medical and chemist practitioners are researching everyday in order to overcome this deadly disease in a healthy way and decrease the rate of this disease in children as soon as possible.

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