Studies And Researches On Children’s Brain Tumour

Children’s Brain Tumour

Children’s brain tumours are one of the most common type of solid tumours which are found in children and consists of numerous subtypes. Apart from the fact that science is making continuous researches for the improvement of disease and progress is being made in this motive, but there are severe risk factors regarding some subtypes of childhood brain tumours. In this article, we will look over some analytical epidemiology about childhood brain tumours from the previous decade and overview the suggestions for future investigations and methodological work for this disease.

Childhood Brain Tumour

The most common tumours found in children are the central nervous system (CNS) tumours and brain tumours. In United States and Canada, these tumours are found to be the main cause of deaths due to cancer of individuals aging 19 or below 19 years.

Studies And Researches On Children’s Brain Tumour

The are above 100 different histological subtypes of Central Nervous system tumours with the fact that each subtype of tumour varies by the age and type. The United States has the highest incidence rates of central nervous system tumours , generally the rate of CNS tumours varies from 1.125-5.14 cases per 1000 persons in different countries. Childhood Brain Tumours (CBTs) are found most commonly in males, the extent of tumours varies by the microscopic anatomic subtype of the tumour. Researchers have found that the rate of Childhood Brain Tumours is relatively high in Whites and Asians-Pacific Islanders as compared to Blacks and American Indians or Alaska Natives. While those living in Spain or belonging to Spain have lower rate of Childhood Brain Tumours as compared to Non-Hispanics.

Treatments For Childhood Brain Tumours  (CBTs)

The treatments for CBTs depends upon size of the tumour the child is suffering from, the health condition of that child and type of the relating tumour. The main goals of the treatment are to cure the tumour, provide relieve from the symptoms of tumours, and also to improve the functioning of child’s brain.

Primary brain tumours are cured by help of surgery and there are also some tumours which can be removed completely by help of surgeries. In such cases, where tumor is severe and cannot be removed by surgery, the surgery helps to reduce the pressure and relieve the symptoms caused by tumours. Radiation therapy namely Chemotherapy is used for the treatment of certain tumours. Below mentioned list is of some of the subtypes of tumours and treatments used for aid of those tumours :

  • Astrocytoma: This type of tumour is basically treated and removed by help of a surgery. Chemotherapy may also be required in some cases.
  • Brainstem Gliomas: This type of tumour is present deep inside the brain so surgery is usually not helpful enough for its treatment. Radiations are commonly used for shrinking of this type of tumour.
  • Medulloblastomas: This type of tumour is not cured by help of a surgery only. A combination of Chemotherapy and surgery is used for the aid of this type of tumour.

The scientists are struggling and researching more on this diseases in order to cure this deadly disease and prolong life in a healthy manner.

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